Acquire Spanish with Short Stories

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If you want to acquire Spanish naturally, then keep reading ...For several years, professors imposed traditional teaching techniques, teaching grammar, and endless pronunciation rules – and it's still a working method. Every effort is made to interpret the language correctly. But recent studies show that the average language student completely forgets grammar after a few weeks."It is easier to stop and explain a grammatical structure but it doesn’t help the students acquire the language." - Denise Cabanel-Bleuer. Professor of Spanish. Orange Coast College.The State Department of the United States has created a list of languages with their corresponding difficulty level and in the first level, we find the easiest language to acquire; it is Spanish. That's why we developed this book focusing on Spanish. The book focuses on three main fundamental pillars you will understand easily.Acquire Spanish with Short Stories Features:In this book, you will discover how easy and entertaining it can be to acquire Spanish naturally with our unique techniques, the same way a child acquires his/her first language.After the learning techniques section is the stories section. There are 20 fun and easy-to-read stories written in Spanish, in a way any adult or child can understand.Each story has a corresponding summary, written in both languages, (Spanish/English), then there is a list of vocabularies and a series of simple questions.Finally, you will find an activities section. It has entertaining games to solidify the words acquired while playing.This technique is so easy to follow you will succeed with it, even if you leave grammar aside!So, if you want to Acquire Spanish, then get your copy now!

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Duración: 5h 48m 59s

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