Adult Survivors of Toxic Family Members

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Sherrie Campbell PhD Wendy T. Behary LCSW

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Sherrie Campbell PhD




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Do you have a toxic family member? Do you feel like cutting ties with this person—even as painful and scary as that may sound—would dramatically increase your well-being and improve your life? You're not alone. Severing ties with a family member can be devastating; and cutting this toxic person out of your life may bring up feelings of guilt and uncertainty. Fortunately, you can free yourself from this toxic family member in a healthy, responsible, and liberating way.In Adult Survivors of Toxic Family Members, psychologist and toxic-family survivor Sherrie Campbell offers effective strategies for setting strong boundaries after ending contact with a toxic family member, and provides powerful tools to help you heal from shame, self-doubt, and stigma. You'll find the validation you need to embrace your decision with pride and acknowledgement of your self-worth. You'll learn how to let go of negative thoughts and feelings. And finally, you'll develop the skills needed to rediscover self-care, self-love, self-reliance, and healthy loving relationships.Whether you're ready to sever ties with a toxic family member, or already have, this book will help guide you, every step of the way.

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Duración: 7h 13m 09s

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