Advice Trap, The

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From the author of the phenomenal bestseller The Coaching Habit comes a book of advice...on how to give less advice. Ah, the irony.The Coaching Habit was an unexpected bestseller: over 750 thousand copies sold so far, a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and used by people and organizations around the world. If The Coaching Habit says, “Here are the seven essential questions to be more coach-like,” The Advice Trap is about getting to grips with how to actually change your behaviour so you stay curious a little bit longer.It sounds like it should be easy, but it’s not. To get there, leading coach and trainer Michael Bungay Stanier offers specific coaching strategies, particularly on how to focus on what matters most. The audiobook of The Advice Trap gives you tools to make your conversations, coaching and otherwise, irresistible.If you’ve already read The Advice Trap, thank you, and there’s a ton of added value content for you in the audiobook, too. Michael’s invited other voices to respond to what was most useful for them in each of the chapters, so there are different perspectives and less of a monologue of advice.You’ll hear from:• Pau Gasol, NBA All-Star• Dr. Alex Osterwalder, leading management thinker• Dr. Kofi Hope, co-founder of Monumental• Feyzi Fatehi, CEO of Corent Technology• Leanne Hughes, host of the First Time Facilitator podcast• Dr. Shannon Minifie, CEO of Box of Crayons• Sandy McIntosh, EVP and CHRO of TELUS• Tyson Yunkaporta, author of the acclaimed book Sand TalkIn 2019, Michael Bungay Stanier was named the #1 Thought Leader in Coaching, and was short-listed for the coaching award by Thinkers50, the “Oscars of Management.” His work’s been featured in journals such as HBR, Fast Company, Forbes, and Inc., and his company, Box of Crayons, has trained more than 100,000 people, regular managers, leaders, and individual contributors in the tools and mindset required for this essential leadership behaviour: staying curious and being more coach-like. You’ll get all of that wisdom and experience when you listen to The Advice Trap. (And, by the way, thank you in advance for buying it and listening.)A Page Two Books production

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