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Dale Cardone

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Grant Carnegie




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Tap into your inner alpha man and get any girl you want chase you: the power of charisma, self-confidence, and the psychology of attraction and how to unlock them - a powerful seduction audiobookAre you always the wingman and never the guy who gets the girl?Is your ego suffering because of constant rejections, or do you always end up stuck in the dreadful friend zone?Can you say with certainty that you know exactly what women want to get them to fall for you?I hardly doubt anyone can....But this audiobook is a game-changer!Here’s just a glimpse of what it can help you achieve:Become the ultimate alpha man by getting to know the other types of male personalities and avoid being the beta maleUnlock your charisma and boost it to new heights by relying on proven techniques that will grow your charmAttract women with the psychology of attraction, leave an unforgettable first impression, and understand different personality traitsArouse sexual attraction and make any woman crave for you by fully understanding the attractiveness factorsBattle your insecurities and become a confident person that can flirt with girls and earn their trustCreate an irresistible sex character and get to sex in three easy-to-follow, highly effective steps that will help you seal the dealUnlock the power of eye contact, develop habits and self-discipline of a real alpha male, and successfully seduce a woman even if you’re new on the dating sceneAnd much more!Whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or you want to build a lasting and meaningful relationship with your dream girl, this unique audiobook delivers!So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and grab this alpha audiobook!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 13h 18m 39s

Publicado por Dale Cardone