Art of Meditation, The

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Prof. Daniel Goleman Ph.D.

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Prof. Daniel Goleman Ph.D.




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Learn to quiet your mind and calm your body, ease physical discomfort and strengthen your immune system, and discover new powers of concentration. Acclaimed author Dr. Daniel Goleman teaches you how to attain these benefits in four distinctly different ways:The Breath Meditation: One of the simplest and most widespread of meditative methods, found in almost every ancient spiritual traditionThe Body Scan Meditation: A powerful way to become deeply relaxed by moving your mind throughout your body to soothe and ease your muscles.The Walking Meditation: An ancient method particularly useful for people who find it difficult to sit still while meditating, or who have trouble maintaining concentration.The Mindfulness Meditation: A technique to enrich perception and gain direct insight into the inner workings of your mind.Learn all the proven, life-enhancing benefits of meditation with this practical, accessible, comprehensive guide to this ancient discipline.A Macmillan Audio production.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 59m 55s

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