Be a Network Marketing Leader

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Mary Christensen

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Mary Christensen




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Want to build a six-figure income business? Only a truly engaged and motivated team can get you there. In "Be a Network Marketing Leader," industry superstar Mary Christensen reveals how anyone can cultivate a community that brings out the best in everyone who joins. A community that individuals will be impatient to enter, energized to participate in, and reluctant to leave. When you focus on people ahead of products, they will contribute more and bring others into the fold--and your business will skyrocket. You'll discover how to: - Create a vibrant can-do culture - Build team spirit - Become an influential communicator - Make everyone feel they belong, regardless of the contribution they make - Coach instead of train - Challenge your team members to aim higher - Celebrate their achievements - Embrace change to stay ahead of the game - And much more Ambitious goals require teamwork. Set your sights high and inspire others to follow--and you'll all succeed.

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