Be Exceptional: Master the Five Traits that Set Extraordinary People Apart

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Escrito por

Toni Sciarra Poynter Joe Navarro

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Will Damron




9h 10m 25s

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From internationally bestselling author and retired FBI agent Joe Navarro, a ground-breaking look at the five powerful principles that set exceptional individuals apartJoe Navarro spent a quarter century with the FBI, pursuing spies and other dangerous criminals across the globe. In his line of work, successful leadership was quite literally a matter of life or death. Now he brings his hard-earned lessons to you. Be Exceptional distils a lifetime of experience into five principles that outstanding individuals live by:Self-Mastery: To lead others, you must first demonstrate that you can lead yourself.Observation: Apply the same techniques used by the FBI to quickly and accurately assess any situation.Communication: Harness the power of verbal and nonverbal interaction to persuade, motivate, and inspire.Action: Build shared purpose and lead by example.Psychological Comfort: Discover the secret ingredient of exceptional individuals.Be Exceptional is the culmination of Joe Navarro’s decades spent analysing human behaviour, conducting more than 10,000 interviews in the field, and making high-stakes behavioural assessments. Drawing upon case studies from history, compelling first-hand accounts from Navarro’s FBI career, and cutting-edge science on nonverbal communication and persuasion, this is a new type of leadership book, one that will have the power to transform for years to come.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 9h 10m 25s

Publicado por HarperCollins UK

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