Behavioral Economics

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Philip Corr Anke Plagnol

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Dennis Kleinman




8h 12m 44s

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Behavioral Economics: The Basics is the first audiobook to provide a rigorous yet accessible overview of the growing field that attempts to uncover the psychological processes which mediate all the economic judgments and decisions we make. In seven accessible chapters, the audiobook answers questions like:What is behavioral economics?How does it help us to understand economic behavior?What does it tell us about how people form judgments and make decisions in their private and public lives?What does it tell us about the psychological nature of financial catastrophes that afflict our economic system?With recommended further readings throughout, Behavioral Economics: The Basics is essential for all students taking courses in behavioral economics, economic psychology, consumer psychology, microeconomics and game theory, and also for professionals looking for an accessible introduction to the topic.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 8h 12m 44s

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