Body: Simple techniques and strategies to heal, reset and restore

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The Sunday Times bestseller with all the strategies you need to prevent pain and fuel your body to its fullest health potential.‘James is incredible – he has played a huge role in helping me manage my fitness and recover from injury over the years’ David BeckhamSimple techniques and strategies toHEALFrom stress and anxiety, to everyday wear and tear and injury, life takes its toll on our bodies. Now, internationally renowned osteopath James Davies can help you heal your body.RESETWith tips and tricks to help recognise, manage, and treat everyday aches and pains, this book will reset your approach to understanding your body. James presents a revolutionary blueprint for holistic body wellbeing.RESTOREImprove your wellbeing with exercises expertly designed to optimise your body. Enhance your health and mobility by understanding common conditions from arthritis and muscle strains, to IBS and stress, and empower yourself with the knowledge you need to achieve full-body health.BODY was number 9 in the Sunday Times Bestseller Chart w/b 12th September 2022In BODY, James Davies, a top osteopath, provides a comprehensive guide to self-management of physical ailments, promoting a healthy lifestyle. His healing techniques and therapy services have been recognised as a Sunday Times bestselling book, proving their effectiveness and popularity.For fans of Dr Ayan Panja (The Health Fix), Roxie Nafousi (Manifest for Kids), Megan Rossi (Eat Yourself Healthy), Mark Hyman (The Pegan Diet), and Dr. Gabrielle Lyon (Forever Strong).HarperCollins 2022

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