Book of Enoch the Prophet, The

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Escrito por

R.A. Gilbert Lon Milo DuQuette R.H. Charles

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Roger Clark




5h 08m 25s

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Now available in audio, the bestselling edition of the most important non-canonical apocalyptic text.This superlative translation by noted scholar and theologian R. H. Charles is one of the best and most complete available. The introduction by esoteric bookseller and antiquarian bookseller R. A. Gilbert helps place The Book of Enoch in historical context and dispels many of the dubious interpretations previously attributed to it.The Book of Enoch's vision of the Apocalypse takes a very different view than that of western Christians, although it is part of the biblical canon for Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians. According to Enoch, the wicked shall be cast out and the good will realize a literal heaven on Earth. The prophecies also contain the lost "Book of Noah," early references to a messiah as "Christ," and an accounting of the angels and subsequent creation of demons.

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