Boundaries for Your Soul

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Alison Cook, PhD Kimberly Miller, MTh, LMFT

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Alison Cook PhD Kimberly Miller, MTh, LMFT




6h 25m 45s

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Let Boundaries for Your Soul show you how to turn your shame to joy, your anger to advocacy, and your inner critic into your biggest champion.Do your emotions control you or do you control your emotions? Boundaries for Your Soul, written by bestselling authors and licensed counselors Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller, shows you how to calm the chaos within. This groundbreaking approach will give you the tools you need to:Know what to do when you feel overwhelmedUnderstand your guilt, anxiety, sadness, and fearMove from doubt and conflict to confidence and peaceFind balance and emotional stabilityGathering the wisdom from the authors' twenty-five years of combined advanced education, biblical studies, and clinical practice, this book will set you on a journey to become the loving, authentic, joyful person you were created to be.Praise for Boundaries for Your Soul:"Personal growth requires that we create healthy boundaries for our internal world, just as we are to do in our interpersonal relationships. When the various parts of our soul are connected and integrated, the result is that we heal, relate, and function at the highest levels. Alison Cook and Kimberly Miller have written a very helpful, engaging, and practical book on how to accomplish this process."--Dr. John Townsend, New York Times bestselling author of Boundaries and founder of the Townsend Institute"Boundaries for Your Soul spoke to me in echoes of already-known, yet-not-fully-applied truths, as well as with sweet new understandings. For both those familiar with Jesus' inner healing and those new to the process, there is real help here."--Elisa Morgan, author of The Beauty of Broken and The Prayer Coin, cohost of Discover the Word, and president emerita of MOPS International 

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