Building People not Fighters

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Paul Mitchell




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Imagine if you could send your child to school secure in the knowledge that they will receive a great education, meet new friends and develop the confidence to be successful in all areas of life. If you want these opportunities for your child, then this is, without a doubt, the book you need to read.Building People Not Fighters™ will show you how to use your knowledge and experience to discover and nurture your child’s true potential. Written specifically for parents with children attending preschool and primary school, this book can be read in three different ways:1. Read from cover to cover to get new ideas to help your child through various stages of development.2. Go to Part 10 where you will be able to get a quick understanding of issues that hold children back. From here you will get directed to further information in the book or to a story of hope, where martial arts has changed a child’s life.3. Go to Part 11 where you will have two paths to choose from. One for preschool and one for primary school. This will take you on the path to finding your child’s true potential and help you prepare your child for the daily challenges of school.As you travel through this book, you will be provided with information on how to build your child’s resilience to stand strong against adversity, understand the value in working with others, and learn how to develop friendships that stand the test of time. In sharing his knowledge and experience, Master Paul hopes he can be the role model you and your child are looking for. Recognised as one of the most inspirational leaders in martial arts, Master Paul Mitchell has shared his knowledge and experience for over 40 years and was inducted into the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his superior leadership, teaching performance, dedication to martial arts and contributions back to society. To sum up what Master Paul does – he “builds people not fighters”.WWW.BUILDINGPEOPLENOTFIGHTERS.COM.AU

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