Choice, The

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Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag Eliyahu M. Goldratt

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The Theory of Constraints (TOC) has been successfully applied in almost every area of human endeavor, from industry to healthcare to education. And while Eli Goldratt is indeed a scientist, an educator and a business leader, he is first and foremost a philosopher; some say a genius.He is a thinker who provokes others to do the same. Often characterized as unconventional, and always stimulating a slayer of sacred cows Dr. Goldratt exhorts his readers to examine and reassess their lives and business practices by cultivating a different perspective and a clear new vision.In his latest book, The Choice, Goldratt once again presents his thought provoking approach, this time through a conversation with his daughter Efrat, as he explains to her his fundamental system of beliefs.

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Duración: 5h 41m 57s

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