Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression, Second Edition, The

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Albert Ellis PhD William J. Knaus EdD

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Jonathan Yen




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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most widely used treatment for depression for one simple reason: it works. The CBT program in this workbook has helped thousands of listeners defeat the depressive thoughts and beliefs that keep them from enjoying life and feeling like themselves. The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression delivers evidence-based tools you can confidently use to start feeling better.Once you have your depression symptoms under control, you will appreciate the additional information on preventing relapse that is special to this new edition. This workbook also includes twenty-five bonus tips from depression experts that can jump-start your recovery. Recommended by therapists nationwide, this workbook will help you bounce back from depression.Includes exercises that will help you:● Move past the negative beliefs that keep you trapped in the depression cycle● Apply behavioral techniques that therapists use with their clients, such as activity scheduling● Discover effective ways to cope with feelings of stress, anxiety, and anger● Avoid procrastinating and learn to anchor the positive changes you make to maintain your progress

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