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Humans have always had the need to tell. In the dark millennia of prehistory, people used fingers or made incisions on bones. There are about 4000 years early civilizations developed elaborate numbering system to record transactions from business to astronomical cycles. The hand tools calculation appear millennia later. Today, the prodigious complexity of calculations, as well as the whole set of activities with no apparent relationship to numbers are made by these sophisticated "electronic brains" called computers. Experts are rushing to point out that a computer is a brain, is just another tool, another machine designed to reduce the work or extend our dominion over the world.In this book, you will learn more about the science of computing through subtle explanations and summarized chapters. Once pointed out the importance and necessity of the study of history in general and, more specifically, the history of science and technology, it is easy to see that the study of the History of Computing is an impressive relief in the vast landscape of scientific knowledge. Just remember that the impact of this technology in our society is immense and our increasing dependence on it. 

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