Demand-Side Sales 101

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Escrito por

Bob Moesta

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Lauren Anthony




4h 34m 10s

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For a lot of us, selling feels icky. Our stomachs tighten at the thought of reciting features and benefits, or pressuring customers into purchasing. It’s really not our fault. We weren’t taught how to sell, plus we’ve been sold before, leaving us with a bitter taste.Here’s the truth: sales does not have to feel icky for you or your customers. In fact, with the right approach, sales can be an empowering experience for all.Bob Moesta, lifelong innovator and coarchitect of the “Jobs to be Done” theory, shares his approach for flipping the lens on sales. Bob shifts the focus of sales from selling, to helping people buy and make progress in their lives—demand-side sales.Now, in Demand-Side Sales 101, you’ll learn to really see what your customers see, hear what they hear, and understand what they mean. You’ll not only be a more effective and innovative salesperson—you’ll want to help people make progress.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 34m 10s

Publicado por Lioncrest Publishing - Bob Moesta

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