Digital Customer Service

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Dan Michaeli Rick Delisi

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Rick Delisi




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As much as technology has improved our lives, for many people customer service experiences remain unnecessarily frustrating. But the advent of Digital Customer Service (DCS) promises to make these interactions seamless and effortless by creating experiences that occur entirely on a customer's own screen, even in situations where it is preferable to speak to an agent.Digital Customer Service traces the evolution of customer service—as well as the evolution of customer expectations and the underlying psychology that drives customer behavior—from the days of the first call centers in the 1980s all the way to today's digital world.Written for customer service and customer experience leaders as well as C-suite executives (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs), Digital Customer Service helps business leaders balance three critical priorities: creating an excellent experience for customers that increases customer loyalty and profitability; driving down the cost of customer service/support interactions, while increasing revenue through sales interactions; and moving quickly toward the goal of "digital transformation." When companies commit to achieving true Digital Customer Service, they can make significant progress toward all three of these goals at once. Digital Customer Service provides the roadmap for how your company can get there.

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