Digital Workforce, The - 2nd edition

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Jarrod McGrath

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Graham Robinson Kim Kleidon Jarrod McGrath




5h 40m 59s

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THIS BOOK IS A MUST-READ FOR EVERY SENIOR LEADER AND PROJECT OWNER FOR THE DIGITAL WORKFORCE JOURNEY IN HR, HCM OR WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT.In the successful digital workforce, people - in partnership with algorithms - will be at the heart of every decision made over the next few years, which Jarrod addresses in this book.Businesses around the world can use the real-world examples, anecdotes, stories, methods and powerful expert interviews to enable successful digital transformation. And the insightful interviews led Jarrod to a compelling final chapter on the future, based on real-life evidence that he collected throughout the process. The interviews contain gold for all people and business leaders.Importantly, this book also enables you to take responsibility for your own destiny in a modern world where many businesses are struggling to keep up with rapid change.

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Duración: 5h 40m 59s

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