Eight Step Recovery

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Dr Paramabandhu Groves Valerie Mason-John

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Human nature has an inbuilt tendency towards addiction. All of us can struggle with this tendency, but for some it can lead to the destruction of their lives, through obsessive and compulsive behavior. We could say therefore that in some sense we are all in recovery.It is no surprise that addiction is so widespread. We live in a world where many of us self-medicate in response to hardships, turning to food, drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, work, and so much more in an attempt to promote happiness.Fortunately, recovery is widespread too. Buddha's teachings offer us an understanding of how the mind works, tools for helping a mind that is vulnerable to addiction, and ways to overcome addictive and obsessive behavior, cultivating a calm and clear mind without anger and resentments. The Buddha's teachings offer us a path of recovery.Whether you are struggling to stay off heroin or with an obsessive pattern of thinking that prevents you from leading a more fulfilling life, the same principles apply. The eight steps in this book take you away from the trouble caused by addictive tendencies, helping you untangle these drives, to discover a richer and more fulfilling way of living.

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