Emotional Intelligence 2.0

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Erik Goleman

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Eric Burr




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Are you interested in learning about the hidden power of your emotions? Do you want to explore the emotional tactics to become successful in your business? Have you always dreamed of becoming a powerful and influential leader among others? If these questions sound intriguing, you have got the answers here. Keep reading!Emotions are powerful and beneficial when you know how to use them in the right manner!Never let your emotions control your situations! Instead, let you rule over them for your own good!Emotions have the power to make or break a relationship. They can help you foster a lasting relationship with someone, whether it's an intimate relationship or a business relationship. Emotional Intelligence is the most powerful factor when it comes to leadership and dealing with others.This book is packed with the right emotional strategies to harness your emotions effectively. It would also guide you to deal more effectively with others and become a successful leader.This Book is packed with great knowledge about emotional intelligence, including, but not limited to the following:Why is emotional intelligence important?How to be an emotionally strong person?Controlling the minds of other peopleBecoming successful at the workplaceOvercoming negativity and have happier relationships  You will never regret reading this book and become a powerful personality among others.So why are you still thinking? Get your copy today!

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Duración: 17m 47s

Publicado por Erik Goleman

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