Emotional Intelligence

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Samirah Eaton

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Carlton Smith




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This is a 2-book combo, which has the following titles:  Book 1: By now, you may have heard about the differences between regular intelligence and emotional intelligence. But what makes a person really emotionally intelligent? And why is it so important to be emotionally intelligent? Those are some of the things we will discuss in this book. You will learn about simple ways to become more emotionally intelligent, why it is mandatory for most career paths in life, how to master your emotions through neuroscientific tools, and so on. Many of these facts and statements will be backed by clinical research and theories that have come from the great thinkers in history.    Book 2: In this educational guide, we will dive into topics related to the emotional component of intelligence. Many people underestimate the importance of such an element, so here, we will explain why it is so essential.For example, we will talk about how emotional intelligence boosts creativity and innovation. We will discuss how you can recognize a lack of emotional intelligence in others. Also, we will touch on how it can boost your income, how it relates to anxiety or narcissism, or how it can help you compete.Many of these topics will be elaborately explained.

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