Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy for Dummies

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James Furrow PhD Brent Bradley PhD

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Chris Sorensen




14h 23m 44s

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A practical, down-to-earth guide to using the world's most successful approach to couple therapyOne of the most successful therapeutic approaches to healing dysfunctional relationships, emotionally focused couple therapy provides clients with powerful insights into how and why they may be suppressing their emotions and teaches them practical ways to deal with those feelings more constructively for improved relationships. Unlike cognitive-behavioral therapy, which provides effective short-term coping skills, emotionally focused therapy often is prescribed as a second-stage treatment for couples with lingering emotional difficulties. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy For Dummies introduces listeners to this groundbreaking therapy, offering simple, proven strategies and tools for dealing with problems with bonding, attachment, and emotions, the universal cornerstones of healthy relationships.

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