Emotionally Intelligent Leader, The

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Daniel Goleman

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Mike Lenz




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Become a better leader by improving your emotional intelligence.Best-selling author Daniel Goleman first brought the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) to the forefront of business through his articles in Harvard Business Review, establishing EI as an indispensable trait for leaders. The Emotionally Intelligent Leader brings together three of Goleman's best-selling HBR articles.In "What Makes a Leader?" Goleman explores research that found that truly effective leaders are distinguished by high levels of self-awareness and sharp social skills. In "The Focused Leader", Goleman explains neuroscience research that proves that "being focused" is more than filtering out distractions while concentrating on one thing. In "Leadership That Gets Results", Goleman draws on research to outline six distinct leadership styles, each one springing from different components of emotional intelligence. Together, these three articles guide leaders to recognize the direct ties between EI and measurable business results.

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