F*ck Like a Goddess

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Escrito por

Alexandra Roxo

Narrado por

Anastasia Watley




6h 33m 53s

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What if your deepest fears and wounds were the key to living a turned on, passionate life, sharing your gifts with the world, and having mind-blowing orgasms along the way? And what if you could embrace all of you—all of your messy, wild, raw, sensual self—exactly as you are right now and still feel good? This is what it means to f*ck like a goddess—literally and metaphorically. To let life make love to you and enjoy every bit, even the parts that hurt, and to find the magic in all of it. And this is your birthright.So why is it so damn hard for women to simply feel comfortable in their own skin, let alone feel strong and secure enough to freely share their gifts with the world? "Because each of us has been conditioned, programmed, and literally brainwashed into thinking we are not enough," writes Alexandra Roxo, "and it is up to us to rewrite that story."A prominent voice in transformational healing and the divine feminine, Roxo shares tried-and-true methods that have led to both her own healing and that of hundreds of her coaching clients over the years.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 33m 53s

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