Financial Independence Made Simple

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Brian Tracy

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Brian Tracy




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Take control of your financial life, get out of debt, and achieve financial independence! Why are some people more successful than others? Why do 20% of the people control 80% of the wealth? The recipes for financial success are tested and proven year after year. Millions of people go from rags to riches in one generation, and what others have done, you can do as well. All financial skills are learnable. Ninety percent of people who are rich today started poor, often with little education and no advantages. In this excellent fast-moving program, multimillionaire Brian Tracy shows you how to start wherever you are today and achieve all your financial goals. In this program, you will learn how to:Start with nothing and become wealthyDevelop the wealth-creating skills of successful peopleGet out of debt with a foolproof systemMake yourself more valuable each dayUse the miracle of compound interest in your favorTransform your thinking about yourself and moneySet and achieve all your financial goalsGet paid more and promoted fasterDevelop the million-dollar habits you needBuy real estate with no money downStart and build your own businessMarket and sell your product or serviceRent, borrow, or buy the knowledge you needSave yourself years of hard workAnd much, much more

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Duración: 8h 14m 42s

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