Five Temptations of A CEO, The

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Escrito por

Patrick M. Lencioni

Narrado por

Patrick M. Lencioni




1h 30m 50s

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In this stunning business fiction debut, Patrick Lencioni delivers a powerful wake-up call to all of us who dare to lead.Young, ambitious, and overwhelmed, Andrew O'Brien personifies a part of every leader as he wanders in search of the elusive silver bullet that will propel him to success. He happens upon an unlikely guide who distills the seemingly infinite list of leadership perils into the five temptations of a CEO. In an intense and often combative exchange, the two debate fundamental issues faced by all leaders -- issues involving personal integrity and effectiveness in the ongoing struggle for success. While some of these topics have been bandied about in the leadership literature for years, here they actually begin to make sense.Refreshingly original and utterly compelling, Andrew's story will serve as a timeless and potent reminder that success as a leader can come down to practicing a few simple behaviors -- behaviors that are painfully difficult for each of us to master.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 30m 50s

Publicado por Simon & Schuster