Flow & Synchronicity

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Flow & Synchronicity Dissolve Obstacles Manifest with Ease Enjoy Positive Momentum Carl Jung, defined synchronicity as “meaningful coincidence that cannot be explained by cause and effect.” He believed synchronicity to be the dynamic interrelationship between our consciousness and the outer world. Subliminal messaging can help you access synchronicity and flow state. When you’re in flow state, obstacles dissolve and the details of your life fall into place harmoniously, fortuitously and with ease. There is no need to push, because whatever is necessary — opportunities, work, money, people — appear in perfect order and at the perfect time. Every movement of your life operates like a fine Swiss clock. The key to being in flow resides within your inner state of being. Thoughts, perceptions and feelings create an energy field that attracts to you events within the same vibrational range. Depending on the quality of your thoughts, you can either open, or block the flow of wholeness, harmony and synchronicity. Hidden beneath the calming sounds of ocean waves, subliminal affirmations reach deep into your subconscious to radically change your attitudes and perceptions. Theta binaural beats facilitate brainwave entrainment.  As you align your consciousness with all that is positive and supportive in the world, you open to the great universal flow of harmony that carries you forward into the life you were meant to live.

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