Get Out of Your Own Way

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Dave Hollis

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Dave Hollis Rachel Hollis




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The idea that you could be more but got in your own way should wake you up in the middle of the night. Dave Hollis used to think that “personal growth” was just for broken people, then he woke up.When a looming career funk, a growing drinking problem, and a challenging trek through therapy battered Dave Hollis, a Disney executive and father of four, he began to realize he was letting untruths about himself dictate his life. As he sank to the bottom of his valley, he had to make a choice. Would he push himself out of his comfort zone to become the best man he was capable of being, or would he play it safe and settle for mediocrity?In Get Out of Your Own Way, Dave tackles topics he once found it difficult to be honest about, things like his struggles with alcohol and his insecurities about being a dad.Offering encouragement, challenges, and a hundred moments to laugh, Dave will help you:Discover the way for those of us who are, like he was, skeptical of self-help but wanting something more than the status quoDrop negative ideas about who we are supposed to be and finally start living as who we really areSee our own journeys more clearly as he unpacks the lies he once believed—such as “I Have to Have It All Together” and “Failure Means You’re Weak”Learn the tools that helped him change his life, and may change your life tooGet Out of Your Own Way is a call to arms for anyone who’s interested in a more fulfilled life, who, along the way, may have lost their “why” and now wonders how to unlock their potential or be better for their loved ones.

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Duración: 6h 38m 00s

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