Goddess Solution, The

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Lisa Marie Rankin

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Eleanor Caudill




8h 42m 38s

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In this practical spiritual guide, Lisa Marie Rankin shows how to apply ancient goddess wisdom to modern-day scenarios like dating, sex, careers, divorce, conflict and more. She’ll teach you how to reconnect with your goddess nature so you can do less, receive more, live authentically and love passionately. You’ll learn about goddesses from across various traditions and discover that their wisdom is more relevant than ever. You can connect with Mary Magdalene to identify and rewrite beliefs that are limiting you. The Greek goddess Aphrodite will show you how to infuse your life and your relationships with passion. Durga, a Hindu warrior goddess, will inspire you to stand up for what you know to be right and speak your truth. Interwoven with these stories are spiritual concepts, modern thought leadership and practical examples that will help you tap into your inner goddess and create the life of your dreams. You’ll learn that you have the power to birth new ideas, experience and invoke pleasure, rise above challenges and access your inner wisdom to get the most out of your one truly fantastic life. The goddess is not some esoteric deity that is out of reach or a spiritual sex bomb that you find on social media. You are the goddess in your current physical form, with your messy human experiences and hidden primal desires. When you learn to befriend all aspects of yourself, you can reclaim your crown and become the most radiant person you know. Lisa Marie Rankin will show you the way. Through meditation, journaling, prayer and self-care rituals, you can reveal your true goddess nature.   Lisa Marie Rankin's 'The Goddess Solution' is a practical and inspiring self-help book that combines ancient goddess wisdom with modern-day scenarios like dating, sex, careers, and divorce.Through meditation, journaling, and self-care rituals, you can unleash your inner goddess and create the life of your dreams.HarperCollins 2024

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Duración: 8h 42m 38s

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