Good Luck

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Escrito por

Fernando Trias de Bes Alex Rovira

Narrado por

Richard Poe




1h 44m 24s

(2 calificaciones)

Esteemed business school professors and renowned marketing consultants Alex Rovira and Fernando TrIas De Bes have advised such multinational corporations as Bayer, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Sony. Written to counter the belief in blind chance, this international best-seller is a simple yet profound fable that teaches us to stop waiting for good luck but to start cultivating the conditions that make success possible. As childhood friends enjoy a chance meeting after 50 years, one of them tells the old story that led to his success. The enchanting parable that follows combines a dash of fairy-tale lore with a poof of Merlin’s wizardry as knights search for the elusive four-leaf clover that generates limitless luck. With this delightful tale reminiscent of Antoine de Saint-ExupEry’s The Little Prince, listeners can reap the results of Rovira and De Bes’ four-year study of successful people and discover the five characteristics and 10 rules of good luck.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 1h 44m 24s

Publicado por Recorded Books

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