Google Speaks

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Janet Lowe

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Sean Pratt




6h 53m 30s

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In many ways, Google is the prototype of a successful twenty-first century company. It uses technology in new ways to make information universally accessible; promotes a corporate culture that encourages creativity among its employees; and takes its role as a corporate citizen very seriously, investing in green initiatives and developing the largest corporate foundation in the US. Following in the footsteps of her bestselling Warren Buffett Speaks -written in a conversational style that successfully captures the essence of these business leaders-Janet Lowe reveals the amazing story behind one of the most important new companies of our time by exploring the people and philosophies that have made Google a global phenomenon in less than 15 years. She offers an engaging look at how its founders transformed their vision of a better Internet search engine into a business colossus with about $16 billion in annual revenue. Lowe discusses the values that drive Brin and Page-both living fairly modest lives despite each having a net worth of over $15.9 billion-and details how they have created a culture that fosters fun, yet keeps Google at the forefront of technology through relentless R&D investments and imaginative partnerships with organizations such as NASA. Examining Google's breakthrough business strategies which transformed online advertising and changed the way we look at corporate responsibility and employee relations, we see why Google may be a harbinger of where corporate America is headed. Also addressed are controversies surrounding Google, such as copyright infringement, antitrust concerns and personal privacy. What started out as a university research project conducted by Sergey Brin and Larry Page has ended up revolutionizing the world. Google Speaks shows you how their drive and determination have allowed them to create one of today's most powerful companies.

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Duración: 6h 53m 30s

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