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Tiffani Bova, the Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, draws on her expertise as a consultant and practitioner to devise a new framework for business leaders looking to pursue growth. We're witnessing an age of endless customization, and growth strategy is no exception. There's no one size fits all strategy; a winning strategy for one business may spell doom for another.In Growth IQ, Bova determines that there are ten simple—but easily misunderstood—growth paths, and explains how companies can get a handle on their particular business context, and use it to determine the right combination and sequence of growth paths to take them into the future. Bova breaks down the strategies deployed by a wide range of companies to show you how:GE and John Deere have lasted over a century and continue to thrive by combining their strategy of innovative product development with a renewed focus on R&D and customer experience.Marvel transformed from a struggling comic book publisher to a global entertainment behemoth by realigning their market penetration strategy to focus on comic book characters, instead of just comic books.Gateway's attempt at market expansion into brick-and-mortar retail led to its failure, while the same move by Apple has accelerated its growth.Whether your company is on a growth spurt, in a worrying stall, or showing signs of decline, Growth IQ is your map to charting the course of your company's future.

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