Healing Meditation

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Crystal Dwyer

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Crystal Dwyer




40m 31s

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In our fast-paced uncertain world, the stress and strain we all battle at times can leave us feeling unwell, out-of-balance, or even more susceptible to illness. Our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical bodies all feel the effects of the world around us. When we’re not in tune with ourselves, we can really start to feel like we’re falling apart. In this powerful 30 minute Audio, Life Success Coach & Hypnotherapist, Crystal Dwyer guides you through a special hypnotic; guided imagery process to address healing at all levels of the body and mind. Negative thoughts and emotions literally create destructive chemistry within the body. The purging techniques within this program help you reach the negative energy within your body, and to release the negative thought and emotional patterns that might be holding it there. Don’t wait to begin your own self-journey into wellness and peace, now, with Healing Meditation.

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Duración: 40m 31s

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