Highly Sensitive Parent, The

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Elaine N. Aron

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Helen Lloyd




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From the world-renowned authority and internationally bestselling author of The Highly Sensitive Person, comes an indispensable guide for the significant number of parents who are unusually attuned to their children.The Highly Sensitive Parent is the only book of its kind, written specifically for parents who think deeply about every issue affecting their kids, experiencing strong emotions as a result, and face unique stressors that do not impact parents without high sensitivity.Parenting is the most valuable and rewarding job in the world, and also one of the most challenging. This is especially true for highly sensitive people. The good news is that sensitivity can also be a parent’s most valuable asset, leading to increased personal joy and a closer, happier relationship with their child.Dr Elaine Aron, world-renowned author of the classic The Highly Sensitive Person and other bestselling books on the trait of high sensitivity, has written an indispensable guide for these parents. Drawing on extensive research and her own experience, she helps highly sensitive parents identify and address the implications of their heightened sensitivity, offering:• A self-examination test to help parents identify their level of sensitivity• Tools to cope with over-stimulation• Advice on dealing with the negative feelings that can surround parenting• Ways to manage the increased social stimulation and interaction that comes with having a child• Techniques to deal with shyness around other parents• Insight into the five big problems that face highly sensitive parents in relationships – and how to work through themHighly sensitive people have the potential to be not just good parents but great ones. Practical yet warm and positive, this groundbreaking guide will show parents how to build confidence, awareness, and essential coping skills so that they – and their child – can thrive on every stage of the parenting journey.This self-help guide, grounded in science and studies, is a top resource for parents navigating the stages of life with their children. From school to fatherhood and motherhood, it provides essential tools for family growth and understanding.For fans of Dr Shefali Tsabary (The Parenting Map), James Williams (Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child), Jenn Granneman (Sensitive), W. Thomas Boyce MD (The Orchid and the Dandelion), and Erika Christakis (The Importance of Being Little).

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Duración: 6h 56m 46s

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