Hug Your People

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Escrito por

Jack Mitchell

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James Boles




6h 04m 24s

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"Giving great personalized customer service has always been the foremost goal in my family, but one thing we never lose sight of is that you can't possibly deliver great service if you don't treat your own associates right." So says Jack Mitchell, CEO of his family's astoundingly successful chain of clothing stores. In Hug Your People, he shares his secrets for creating happy employees, secrets as simple as they are revolutionary:—Be NICE to them (and hire nice people to begin with)—TRUST them (they deserve it and will work even harder and smarter to continue to earn that trust)—Instill PRIDE in them (they are more productive when they are proud of their work)—INCLUDE them (since you can't do it alone)—Generously RECOGNIZE them (and not only with money—but don't be chintzy, either)Hug Your People is filled with real stories about real people. Jack offers his principles on "hugging" your associates—whether they are the sales team, the cleaning staff, the delivery people, the backroom financial wizards, the marketing and advertising departments, or outsourced staff. Hug Your People is just what today's employees and managers need.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 04m 24s

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