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Chris Bailey

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Chris Bailey




6h 39m 51s

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Our attention has never been as overwhelmed or in demand as it is today; we've never been so busy while accomplishing so little, and we've grown uncomfortable with boredom and a lack of stimulation and distraction.In Hyperfocus, Chris Bailey—described by TED.com as 'the most productive man you could ever hope to meet'—provides profound insights into how we can best manage our attention. He reveals how the brain switches between two mental modes—hyperfocus, our deep concentration mode, and scatterfocus, our creative, reflective mode—and how the surest path to being our most creative and efficient selves at work is to combine them both.The often counterintuitive wisdom at play includes:How working fewer hours increases our productivityHow drinking caffeine strategically instead of habitually gives us more energyHow we get more done by making our work harder, not easierHow we do our best creative work when we're the most tiredMerging neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness, with practical takeaways for being more focused in our work and wider lives, Hyperfocus will help you think about and manage your attention on a daily basis.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 6h 39m 51s

Publicado por Pan Macmillan

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