I Want To Be a Millionaire

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Larry Bloomberg

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Keith A. Bailey




10h 41m 35s

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Learn the Habits of Millionaires and Live the Life of Prosperity!Do you want to learn the secrets of highly successful people?IF YES, READ ON! THIS BOOK WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE AND EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS!Everyone wants to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Why do only some of us succeed? The secret lies in the habits. The things you do every day become your life and shape your mindset. To become successful - act and think like someone who lives and breaths success!This book will teach you: What are habits and what’s their powerThe relationship between habits and intentionsHow to form new and better habitsHow millionaires thing - their best habitsAll about discipline and resilience There’s nothing standing in your way of success but your own flawed mindset and habits. The good news? You can change these! Get this book and learn how to go from zero to hero!Ready to become a millionaire? Scroll up, Click on ‘Buy Now’, and Get Your Copy!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 10h 41m 35s

Publicado por Larry Bloomberg

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