Indispensable By Monday

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Larry Myler

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Fleet Cooper




4h 59m 42s

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When trying to move ahead or even just keep a job there are actions that would be of great advantage to any employee, and there are strategies that are plain stupid interestingly enough, the stupid strategies are twice as frequent in corporate America. Indispensable by Monday goes beyond conventional wisdom to reveal and teach the skills and behaviors that any employee at any level of any organization can implement to bring substantial dollars to the company. Going beyond the basics of dressing well, getting to work on time, and volunteering for assignments all common suggestions offered elsewhere this book will enable readers to reduce company costs, produce increased income, improve key processes and revive lost customers. Anchored by a nation-wide research study which surveyed 1,800 leaders, the study found that even though leaders can readily identify the bottom-line behaviors that employees should be engaging in, they dont see those behaviors exhibited by very many workers. Indispensible by Monday separates fact from fiction for what makes an employee indispensable and distinguishes the value-added behaviors from the less-valuable, serving as a viable catalyst for positive change within any organization.

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 4h 59m 42s

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