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Vik Venkatraman

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Danny Campbell




9h 48m 00s

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Inspired! provides product launch guidance from an experienced entrepreneur and brand manager who launched Redbull and then his own consumer product, Star Power. Author, Vik Venkatraman, divides the book into three distinct parts: Development, Launch, and Rollout.  Before you can have a successful consumer brand, you need to have a killer product and a consumer that wants it, with a package that is eye catching and consistent with its function, as well as with the capabilities of the retailer and the needs of the consumer.  Once you have a product, it needs to be tested with both the customers and the consumers before being produced. Its price must meet the market even at low volumes, and its design must be appealing to customers. The market gatekeepers need to believe the product can be successful, and it is imperative to build a track record of consumer preference. Throughout this process, Vik will provide readers with inspired and enchanted true stories and anecdontes of initiative and entrepreneurship, as well as failures.  Finally, Inspired! will introduce valuable and difficult-to-reach market players, such as producers, designers, distributors and retailers, as well as feature interviews and guest content from the entrepreneurs and merchandisers of successful consumer startup brands (see "IV. Chapter by Chapter" section of backup for complete list of names).

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 9h 48m 00s

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