Introvert’s Edge to Networking, The

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One of the biggest myths that plagues the business world today is that our ability to network depends on having the “gift-of-gab.” You don’t have to be outgoing to be successful at networking. You don’t have to become a relentless self-promoter. In fact, you don’t have to act like an extrovert at all.The truth is that when introverts are armed with a plan that lets them be their authentic selves, they make the best networkers.Matthew Pollard, an introvert himself, draws on over a decade of research and real-world examples to provide an actionable blueprint for introverted networking. A sequel to Pollard’s international bestseller The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, this book masterfully confronts the stigma around the so-called extroverted arena of networking.In The Introvert’s Edge to Networking, you’ll discover how to:Overcome your fear and discomfort when networkingTurn networking into a repeatable systemLeverage your innate introverted strengthsTarget and connect with top influencersLeverage the power of virtual and social networkingThe introvert’s roadmap to success doesn’t look like the extroverts, we’re different and we should embrace that.Whether you’re a small business owner struggling to make a living or a professional who’s hit a career plateau, The Introvert’s Edge to Networking is your path to a higher income and a rolodex of powerful connections.

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