Intuitive eating

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Megan Young

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Drama Simpson Kenneth Ellison




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A more balanced life with "Intuitive eating"! Diets rely on 'willpower' to try to forcefully control your body and eating habits. With this revolutionary guide is different! "Intuitive Eating" is the go-to audiobook on rebuilding a healthy body and making peace with food. You can finally end your battle with body image, renew the healthy relationship with food with which you were born, and reach the healthy weight that is right for you. Learn how to promote health and wellness! This book will give you: - History Of Intuitive Eating - Creating a healthy inner dialogue - Honoring your body through physical movement, lifestyle, and self-respect - Diet meal plan for weight loss - Change your mindset for nourishing a healthy relationship with food - And much more... A different program, a simple, step-by-step guide that will help end your battle with food once and for all.Overcome fears regarding listening to your body and learn how to master intuitive eating for natural weight loss. Get this audiobook now if you want to learn how to use intuitive eating to soothe your soul! Buy now "Intuitive Eating"!

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Duración: 4h 30m 51s

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