Intuitive Eating Plan, The

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Kirsten Ackerman

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Erin deWard




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It's time to explore and build new, positive relationships with food, moving away from restriction, deprivation, and obsession with body image. The Intuitive Eating Plan provides you with the information and steps necessary to heal your relationship with food and accept your body’s beautiful intuition.You will be introduced to intuitive eating concepts that challenge what you previously believed about food, health, and wellness. Learn about the misconceptions of dieting, the mechanics and physiology behind hunger and satisfaction, how to address emotional eating, and how to make informed choices. Waiting for you on the other side is not only a healed relationship with food but also an intuitive eating bond that will impact every area of your life.The Intuitive Eating Plan includes:● A healing reality—No matter what results you have attempted to achieve, come to terms with the fact that natural body diversity exists.● Interactive approach—Explore questions about your beliefs on things like food and stress levels, and document your progress with questions and journal prompts.● SMART goals—Use the proven SMART method to effectively set attainable goals.

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