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Crystal Taylor

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Lynn Roberts




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Deal with your jealousy and that of others!A major obstacle to one’s progress can be inaccurate feelings of jealousy. Human beings can be possessive, and there are good sides to that, but it can also get out of control. This is exactly the issue we’ll be discussing in this manual. You’ll learn, among others:The definition of retroactive jealousy and what it involvesHow sibling rivalry, competition in sports and business, and other situations cause jealousy to become unmanageableHow jealousy and sexuality are related and if open relationships workStories of extremely jealous people and the damaging behavior that followed their feelingsThe ways in which jealousy can become pathologicalHow jealousy can make or break an intimate relationshipAnd much more!

Idioma: Inglés

Duración: 56m 00s

Publicado por A to Z Publishing

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