Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

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David Parmenter

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Steve Coulter




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The goal of this book is to help minimize the risks that working on a KPI/performance management project encompasses.  It is designed for the project team, senior management, external project facilitators, and team coordinators whose role it is to steer such a project to success.   The tentative contents is: (1) Introduction (2) Foundation Stones for Implementing Key Performance Indicators; (3) Developing and Using KPIs: A 12-Step Model; (4) KPI Team Resources Kit; (5) Templates for Reporting Performance Measures; (6) Consultants Toolkit; (7) Questions and Answers; (8) Success Factors by Sector; Appendix A: Performance Measures Database; Appendix B: Useful Letters and Memos; Appendix C: Useful Surveys.

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