Kybalion, The

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Three Initiates

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Mitch Horowitz




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The transformational occult classic – now in a special abridged edition with a new introduction.Since its first appearance on the American metaphysical scene in 1908, The Kybalion has been a source of wisdom, wonder, and practical advice. Its esoteric insights, drawn from the Hermetic traditions of Ancient Egypt and Greece, present a complete philosophy of life. Now, historian and New Thought scholar Mitch Horowitz reintroduces this landmark work in a razor-sharp condensation that contains all the wisdom of the original, but provides a special entry point for newcomers and a touchstone for long-time readers and listeners who want a refresher in the book's insights. This condensation of The Kybalion will enhance your understanding of the original, as it zeroes in on the book's most trans-formative points, and Mitch's introduction explains and contextualizes the work's enduring power.Abridged and introduced by Mitch Horowitz.A Gildan Audio production.

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Duración: 2h 01m 29s

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