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Chrisie Rosenthal IBCLC Jill Krause

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Lisa S. Ware




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Tackle breastfeeding challenges with clear info and confidenceBreastfeeding moms will tell you milk makin' comes with health and convenience benefits—and a million questions. Lactivate! is a judgment-free advice book with the latest knowledge of breastfeeding, supporting you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.From solving everyday breastfeeding problems to clearing a plugged milk duct, this guide will help you create the ultimate biological synchronization between you and your child. This great breastfeeding book includes:● First ninety days—Learn helpful information, like how to optimize your breast pump and how to monitor your milk supply.● FAQ—When will your milk come in? Are there foods you can't eat? All your questions are answered.● Helpful illustrations—Images show you how your baby should latch and how to identify the fungal infection thrush.The breastfeeding strategies and principles in Lactivate! will allow you to raise your child with confidence.

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