Little Book of Big Dividends, The

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Terry Savage Charles B. Carlson

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Sean Pratt




4h 07m 42s

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In The Little Book of Big Dividends, Chuck Carlson examines those trends that impacted dividend investors in 2008 and will be affecting dividends in the future. These factors include fallout in traditional dividend-paying sectors (financials, real estate investment trusts, etc.), taxes - what will happen to the current 15% tax rate on dividends, the likelihood of low yields persisting on cash investments, and the demographic shift driving the need for cash flow and safety for investors. He then arms listeners with a formula used to rank and select dividend-paying stocks, shows investors how to utilize direct-purchase plans when buying U.S. and foreign stocks, explores exotic dividend areas (preferred, stocks, REITs, Master Limited Partnerships, etc.), discusses the importance of dividend growth relative to yield, reinvesting, and much more. In these turbulent times, investors cannot afford to ignore Carlson's construction of the ultimate big, safe dividend portfolio in this new Little Book.

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Duración: 4h 07m 42s

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