Lost Art of Connecting, The

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Jackie Ashton Susan McPherson

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Susan McPherson




8h 14m 22s

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Networking is often considered a necessary evil for all working professionals. With social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at our disposal, reaching potential investors or employers is much easier. Yet, these connections often feel transactional and agenda-driven, leaving professionals feeling burnt out and stressed out.Instead, we should connect on a human level and build authentic relationships beyond securing a new job or a new investor for your next big idea. To build real and meaningful networking contacts, we need to go back to basics, remembering that technology is a tool and more than just a means to an end. We need to tap into our humanity and learn to be more intentional and authentic. As a "serial connector" and communications expert, Susan McPherson has a lifetime of experience building genuine connections in and out of work. Woven together with helpful tips and useful advice on making the most out of every step, this book draws on McPherson's own experience as a renowned "serial connector," as well as the real life success stories of friends and clients. Filled with humor, humility, and wisdom, The Lost Art of Connecting is the handbook we all need to foster personal and professional relationships that blur the lines between work and play—and enrich our lives in every way.

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Duración: 8h 14m 22s

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