Machine Learning in Finance

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Bob Mather

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Cliff Weldon




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Are you a machine-learning enthusiast looking for a practical day-to-day application? Or are you just trying to incorporate machine-learning software in your trading decisions? This audiobook is your answer. While machine learning and finance have generally been seen as separate entities, this audiobook looks at several applications of machine learning in the financial world. Whether it is predicting the best time to buy a stock in a day-trading scenario or to determine the long-term value of a stock, financial ratios and common sense have always been used as reliable indicators. But how do these compare about advanced machine-learning algorithms like clustering and regression? When would be the best time to use these? What's included in this audiobook: What financial machine learning is Developing a trading strategy for stocks Machine learning to determine current value of stocks Optimal time to buy stocks Machine-learning algorithm to predict when to sell a stock Determine value of a penny stock Trading automation software Conclusion Scroll up and download now!

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