Magic Ladder to Success, The

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Napoleon Hill

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Sean Pratt




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A primer in success-building, The Magic Ladder to Success is Hill's compact distillation of his lifetime of learning. It is the volume in which Napoleon Hill first distilled the seventeen factors that make up his "Law of Success" philosophy. These key principles capture the ethics and actions that empower all who harness them to become leaders in the field of their choice. Leaders are not born, Hill argues, they are molded by a remarkably similar, simple, and dynamic set of habits. Napoleon Hill's lost classic-long out of print, is newly available as a stand-alone edition, revised and updated for the twenty-first century. The Magic Ladder to Success was written in 1930; only one year after the Great Depression brought the nation to its knees. One of its most valuable features is the inspiring story of Napoleon Hill's upbringing in a desperately poor West Virginia mountain town, and how his father's second wife, an educated woman "irritated at poverty," instilled in him the laws of success that would change his life and millions of others. The Magic Ladder to Success and The Law of Success are the result of over 500 interviews with successful people and, even more important, interviews with many more who failed. It was after a few years of astounding success with these books that Hill was invited to become an advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Napoleon Hill discovered that there were seventeen success factors, or principles, behind the great success subjects of his day. He then further condensed that history-making material, making it more accessible to those willing to wake up and win. These books are the powerful result.

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